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Are you tired of feeling stuck and know something just isn't right? 

Rock Balancing

Are you longing to feel better but having trouble identifying what is holding you back?

If so, you may be suffering from energy blockages you have accumulated during your life. We are affected by energy all of our lives.  Some of us are more burdened than others. I was one of those people.

  •        Do you feeling like you are just going through the motions each day?

  •         Are you feeling heavily burdened and can't seem to get ahead?

  •         Does your state of mind change upon entering your home or           another space?

  •          Has your project stalled, and you can't seem to bring it to completion?

If you said yes to one or more of these questions, it's highly likely your energy is blocked, but it doesn't have to stay that way. An hour session can bring balance back to your life. 

A renewed flow of energy can help you feel a new sense of peace, clarity, direction, and overall wellness.

Energy flows through everyone and everything so it's crucial to our well-being to keep it flowing. When energy is in a  balanced state it flows freely but stressed energy can block the energy flow.


When stressed energy affects your system, life can be more challenging than it has to be. Energy blockages can hold you back, keep you stuck in the past, negatively affect the way you live your life, and keep you from being your authentic self. The good news is your flow of energy can be restored with a professional energy clearing and I can help. 

A professional energy clearing releases stressed energies one layer at a time like peeling an onion. Each clearing releases layers of stuck energy to bring your system back into balance allowing for clarity, peace, personal growth, and increased wellness overall. Similar to the principles of acupuncture energy is freed to flow throughout your system allowing for healing.

 An energy clearing can help you break through energy blocks so you can be all you can be. 

Japanese Garden

How Can Energy Clearing Help?

How Can Energy Clearing Help

Energy clearing releases stuck energy from people and places that have accumulated over your lifetime bringing balance back to your system. It is a gentle but powerful way to bring balance back to people, animals, spaces, and more.  

Below are a few popular options!

Personal Energy Clearing
Personal Energy Clearing

We are exposed to the energy of people and places from the beginning.  A personal energy clearing will release stressed energies bringing balance back to your system. Personal energy clearings release energy layer by layer with each additional clearing you receive.

Executive Clearing

Executives, directors, & leaders carry tremendous responsibilities in addition to frequently coming in contact with numerous people. As an executive with 20+ years of experience, I am uniquely qualified to can help you stay clear-headed and focused on your goals. 

Executive Clearing
Cancer Energy Care
Cancer Energy Care

Professional energy clearings during chemotherapy and radiation can make the cancer journey more tolerable. Clearings are customized based on your individual needs and take into account type of Cancer, treatment method, and personal preferences.

Space Clearing
Space Clearing

Spaces hold energy. Have you ever walked into a home or office or building and felt uncomfortable? That energy affects us and others that live or enter that space. A professional space clearing brings balance back to the space.  This clearing includes a clearing of the space, all residents, owners, and any pets.

Animal Clearing

Animals are deeply affected by energy and it impacts their health and wellbeing just like humans. An animal clearing helps release harmful energy and move your pet or favorite animal back to thriving. Abused and neglected animals greatly benefit from an energy clearing.

Animal Clearing
End of Life Energy Care
End of life energy care

With 20+ years of experience with hospice patients, I have seen how energy clearings lead to a gentler transition for loved ones. When a loved one is at the end of their life they often carry so many burdens of regret, guilt or fear.  End of life clearings release those burdens and allow for a gentle transition and passing.

Specialized Clearings

​Specialized clearings are available to meet your needs. Popular options include:​​

  • Vehicle clearing

  • Surgical clearings

  • Adverse effects of medications

  • Travel Clearings- may include flights, vehicles/hotel

  • Antiques

  • Ancestral  Clearings

Specialized Clearing
Specialized Clearing

 Thank you for visiting. Allow me to bring balance back to you.

My career as an executive and health professional gave me the opportunity to help guide thousands throughout their cancer journey.

I am very passionate about this work.  But connecting daily with energies of fear and overwhelm from others can be a powerful burden to carry. Finding peace and balance was endless. Until I found energy clearing.

Like you, I sought to lighten my burdens of blocked energy to increase my wellness. 


Through the years I have experienced, taught or practiced yoga, qigong, Tai Chi, massage, acupuncture and meditation to create energy flow and enhance balance. If you visited my home, you would find me in my garden barefoot and busy planting, pruning, or cultivating. Grounding myself in nature.  All of the above were helpful over the years.

But energy clearing myself and my spaces above all else profoundly lifted my energy burdens, brought me peace with balance, and changed my life through clarity and direction.  


I began studying under Jean Haner to learn how to manage and clear energy. I completed a rigorous training process to become a Clear Home Clear Heart Practitioner certified by Jean Haner in both personal and space clearing. I have learned to use my intuitive and empathic gifts with Jean's energy clearing methods based on the spiritual side of Traditional Chinese Medicine to help people find the peace, clarity and fulfillment a balanced system can provide.

Energy clearings can help you too and I look forward to bringing your system back into balance.
Meet Jennifer

A Few Testimonials From My Clients

" I have been receiving personal clearings from Jennifer for several years now. Her clearings are powerful and pure.
I always notice important shifts in myself or in the situation I've asked her to clear for me. I always feel relief and release.
Jennifer is a kind, intuitive woman with much wisdom to share. I highly recommend her work."

— Brigitte

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Frequently Asked Questions

Clearing is a type of energy medicine that releases layers of stuck energy to bring your system back into balance allowing for clarity, peace, personal growth, and increased wellness overall
Yes, I am available to clear you or your spaces remotely in all time zones to fit your needs.
No, remote clearings are available and are as effective as in person clearings.
If you are looking for something specific that you want cleared and you don’t see it listed email me at
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